Gardening Service

Our gardening service is essentially a cross between a CSA and lawn service. Essentially bringing the farm to your house. Everyone knows homegrown is the best tasting and always fresh. Some people might like to garden but just don’t have the time to do it. Others might love fresh fruits and vegetables but do not like to garden. 

Early in the Spring season we would install a garden for the cost of materials plus labor. We would then tend your garden weekly. This would include weeding, pruning, replanting (seed), watering, pest management, etc.  You will simply water periodically and pick your vegetables. 


This service will only be provided in combination with lawn maintenance service. The approximate cost for a small garden would be $20-30 per week.


Other Gardening Services:

  • Raised Bed Installation

  • Perennial Fruit Garden Installation

  • Garden Consultation

  • Garden Tilling

  • Soil Work

  • Soil Enrichment, Addition, and Compost 


With years of farming experience, we can use our knowledge to help you grow an amazing garden right in your own backyard.